Christmas Gift Ideas You Wouldn’t Think Of - That are Winners

Christmas Gift Ideas You Wouldn’t Think Of - That are Winners

Novelty and Retro in design are Astro Lamps, more commonly known as Lava lamps. They make a unique Christmas gift idea if you are a little challenged in this area today. These nostalgic liquid motion lamps have an interesting history.

Here's a brief overview of their origins:

Origins: The lava lamp, invented by Edward Craven Walker, he was a British accountant, in 1963. The original brand, known as the Astro Lamp, was later renamed the Lava Lamp. It consists of a special wax mixture and a coloured liquid translucent container. By using a heat source at the base it causes the wax to rise and fall, it's quite mesmerising.

During the 1960's and 70's they were extremely popular in the psychedelic area. They became an iconic symbol within the counter-culture movements .

Over the years, they have remained a classic and retro decor item.

Are They a Great Christmas Gift Idea? Lava lamps can make a great Christmas gift for several reasons:

  1. Want a Nostalgic gift then step back into the retro and vintage era and give a lava lamp this Christmas.
  2. Lava lamps definitely evoke a sense of nostalgia. It's an excellent gift for individuals who appreciate retro or vintage items.
  3. They serve as both a lighting fixture and a decorative piece, adding a unique touch to any room.
  4. The slow, rhythmic movements of the wax in the lamp is calming. It also provides a soothing atmosphere, making them ideal for relaxation.
  5. You're looking for a versatile gift that suits all ages from teenagers to adults, then this is it.
  6. Lava lamps come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. This allows you to choose one that fits the recipient's preferences and the decor of their space.

Character Lamps, If you're looking for something the kids will adore, then you can't go past Character lamps for their bedroom. These polyresin character lamps are safe and illuminate in a whimsical way. Especially if you use the favourite characters from kids movies like Frozen or Superheros.

Here are some ideas for polyresin character lamps for bedroom illumination:

  1. Disney Princess Lamps:
    • Some popular Disney Princess characters like
    • Cinderella,
    • Ariel,
    • Belle, or
    • Elsa
    • are always a winner.
  2. Plasma Balls :
    • Suitable to for teenages, are a great mix of science in action, with an intriguing and mesmerising light
    • These are touch sensitive and great fora magical electrostatic party atmosphere
  3. Star Wars Character Lamps:
    • Other characters such as Darth Vader, Yoda, or Stormtroopers.
    • Should you want to add a touch of the far far far away galaxy to their bedroom.
  4. Minions Character Lamps:

    Checkout the fun & quirky polyresin lamps featuring Minions from Despicable Me. These lamps often come in playful poses and bright colours.

  5. Jurassic Park/World Dinosaur Lamps:
    Consider polyresin lamps shaped like dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park or Other World franchises. These lamps can be a hit with young dinosaur enthusiasts.