Where is the Best Place to Install Ambient Lighting?

Where is the Best Place to Install Ambient Lighting?

Pendant lights create the specila destinctive effect and ambience that most Sunshine Coast home owners are looking for.

Many customers coming into Discount Lighting and Fans repeatedly ask this same question.

"Where is the best place to install ambient lighting?"

All of our fantastic experienced sales team seems to have the

same logical answer.

“The space required for lighting design is dependent on the total area of illumination”.

“In general, ambient lighting should be evenly distributed, to give a well-lit subtle environment.”

Where are the best areas where you can install lighting fixtures to achieve ambient lighting effects in my home?Ceiling: The most common way to achieve an ambient lighting effect in a room space is via the ceiling.

Concealed Ceiling lights for that special look

This can be achieved with the correct use of downlights. This includes recessed downlights, as well as flush-mount fixtures. Many customers have found that chandeliers work well. Some opting for lights with diffused shades seem to work too. Pendant lights give a tremendous ambient effect, bouncing off flat benches.


Wall lights to produce a special effect and give a room the ambience you need.

Some of the best effects can be obtained by the use of Sconces, including wall mounted fixtures.

When scattered evenly in the room around the walls, one can find the light is more evenly distributed.

This in turn will compliment the ceiling lights

They can also create a warm and inviting atmosphere to all as they enter the room.


Floor lights for Safety and a special abmience

The use of floor lighting casts a gentle upward light provided they are correctly placed.

This in turn gives off a soft and inviting glow giving the room an ambience that’s desirable.

LED Strips:

Led Strip Lights creating an ambience for the special room

A great effect is achieved when Led light Strips are installed along the edges of a room.

If installed in places such as under cupboards or along walls, you can obtain a subtle glow in the room.

This indirect glow can also be enhanced if Leds are installed under furniture as well.


Wall lights to produce a special ambience in any room

To obtain the appearance of a soft diffused light across the room, try using uplights.

Strategically placed uplights from the Walls or Floor, pointing towards the ceiling, give amazing results.

Track Lighting:

Track Lighting to give directional light in any room

One of the best uses of Track Lighting is when the light is adjusted to taste.

You'll find that there is plenty of flexibility available if you consider the use of track lighting.

You can direct the light individually to wherever it looks really good. Features can be highlighted very easily to produce an effect that’s really appealing to the eye.

Indirect Lighting:

Best ideas on the sunshine coast for a room that has a need for Ambient Lighting

Looking for a seamless ambient lighting effect!

You simply can't go past the use of architectural features.

Cornices and Coves conceal the actual light source, giving a warm welcoming feeling.

Natural Light:

Natural lighting using large windows and Glass doors

Make use of natural light sources such as glass doors or large windows. Skylights can provide an abundance of ambient lighting during daylight hours.

The ambient feeling produced by the correct placement of lighting fixtures is important. Room sizing such as floor plan, along with ceiling height is important.

Balanced Light distribution for special effects of Ambient lighting in WaranaPendant Lights creating an awesome ambient effect in your homeSpecial lighting effects to make your home more liveable

The aim is for a balanced distribution of light.

Avoid harsh shadows, while allowing sufficient illumination.

It's ok to combine many different techniquesusing multiple lighting fixtures.

Ambient Lighting for every room in the house on the Sunshine Coast

As long as the aesthetics of a room are fit for use, you can adjust the intensity of the ambient lighting.

It may be necessary to adjust according to different activities.

Remember that you can combine different types of ambient lighting fixtures and sources to create a layered lighting design that suits the specific needs and aesthetics of the room.

What are the Dimmers on the Sunshine CoastMulitple Light Fitting to produce Ambiient Light effects

Additionally, using dimmers can provide flexibility in adjusting the intensity of the ambient lighting according to different activities and preferences.